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Three decades ago my partner and I met in high school here in Waukesha, WI. After high school I went to Carroll University and my partner followed a life of carpentry and construction. Through the years while I was not on the road working as an independent claims adjuster I would come home and collaborate on construction projects with my partner. In 2008 he and I took on the development of The Garden Prairie Condos in the City of Waukesha and is still one of our proudest projects. With Steve being the lead carpenter and  me overseeing the fine details, plans and budget it seemed to be a perfect fit to create a company together. 

To date he and I are working on our 4th official year as Bulldog Builders, LLC and could not be prouder of what we have grown. Between our talented construction partners who continue to work with skill and commitment, the many friends and family who have supported us and most importantly our customers who give us the opportunity to make their home remodeling dreams a reality, we want to thank you and look forward to the years to come! 

Wes Kitto

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