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Bulldog Builders specializes in property claim losses. This includes water damage, sewer back ups, hail damage, wind damage, and any type of property claim.

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Starting to Rebuild

​​Typically, but not always, an adjuster representing the carrier will inspect the loss.  They then will, in most cases, write an estimate for damages and issue payment off that estimate.  Usually depreciation is applied and they will pay actual cash value less your deductible.  You then will be required to hire a contractor to do the repairs.  To many that can be an overwhelming experience. We can assist in explaining the settlement, replacement costs, protocols and general procedures. We specialize in all insurance restoration in Waukesha and the surrounding communities.

We can help sort through the issues and discrepancies in your claim and estimate.  I assist new claim representatives by writing an accurate estimate on the same software they most often use.  Most of the time issues can be resolved by good communications. We take detailed photos of the repair process (before, during, and after) to record and establish documentation that will show all the repairs are necessary and warranted.

Once an accurate estimate is written the repairs can began.  We do not start any project until an agreed upon figure is reached.  Moving forward before this is accomplished can put the contractor and the homeowner in jeopardy. Unless prior arrangements can be made (i.e. accepting that no coverage could apply) it is a bad idea to proceed until all parties are in agreement.

Please see the " about us " section for complete resume and experience. Bulldog Builders is a one stop shop for all your property loss needs.

Insurance Restoration

Roof Restoration

Where to Begin?

First and foremost is safety.  If you have an extreme situation or are unsure (power lines down, fire, flooded basement) call the fire department or 911.

Second, secure the area. This means turning the water off, temporary repairs (boarding up windows/ holes) tarping roofs, etc.  If you need help with this we are happy to assist.  We available for phone consultations if you would like some direction or advice.  The insurance policy requires you (under "duties of insured" section of the policy) to mitigate losses.  We have seen insurance carriers not pay claims because the homeowner failed to mitigate damage.

Next, call your agent or insurance carrier directly and report the loss. You will be given a claim number and generally told a claim representative will be calling within 24-48 hours. If its a small loss and you are unsure of dollar amount or if you think you might have coverage issues we will be happy to review and advise. You do not want unnecessary or small homeowner claims. If you have an excessive amount you will be dropped by your carrier. Carriers are becoming less and less tolerant of policyholders who have frequent claims. Even if you have been with them your entire life your policy could be dropped. 

Let us help you through this process.